MELnet Workshop at the IT Center of the SNSB

Second Diversity Workbench workshop for Melastomataceae specialists



Training in data management, using MelList data and real-life problems. Dr. Triebel and her staff will demonstrate the various linked tools that form the “Diversity Workbench”, such as DiversityTaxonNames (the main tool for MELlist data), DiversityAgents, DiversityGazetteers, DiversityReferences, and DiversityCollection (for typification). Everyone is welcome to work with our herbarium specimens, finding new types, using the IT tools, and discussing the handling of difficult nomenclatural situations in Diversity Workbench. People already familiar with DiversityTaxonNames may concentrate on their herbarium work (the herbarium is not far from the computer room), but should attend sections dealing with new developments.

October, 1st

October, 2nd

Renato GoldenbergUniversidade Federal do Paraná – herbarium UPCB (Brazil)Brazilian and other South American Melastomataceae; genus MiconiaCIP
Fabian MichelangeliNew York Botanical Garden (USA)Venezuelan and Guianan MelastomataceaeCIP
Darin PenneysCalifornia Academy of Sciences (USA)Mesoamerican Melastomataceae, BlakeeaeCIP
Susanne RennerBotanische Staatssammlung MünchenAfrican and Asian MelastomataceaeCIP
Carmen UlloaMissouri Botanical Garden, St. Louis (USA)Andean and other South American MelastomataceaeCIP

For participants see also DOODLE

Infos zu DiversityTaxonNames online

MELnet Data online

Other Portals with Melastomes Biodiversity Data

Diversity Workbench Developer Platform

Literature directly relevant to this workshop

Triebel, D., Neubacher, D., Weiss, M., Heindl-Tenhunen, B., Nash. T. H. III & Rambold, G. 2010. Integrated biodiversity data networks for lichenology – data flows and challenges. – In Nash, T.H. III, Geiser, L., McCune, B., Triebel, D., Tomescu, A.M.F. & Sanders, W.B. (eds.), Biology of lichens – symbiosis, ecology, environmental monitoring, systematics and cyber applications. – Biblioth. Lichenol. 105: 47–56.

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