The DWB BioCASe Data Publication pipeline and RDF service

We provide here access to occurrence data, i. e., collection and observation data with searchable catalogs for each dataset.

The service is part of the DWB data pipeline at the SNSB IT Center. It connects Diversity Workbench (DWB) services with an SNSB installation of the BioCASe provider software (BPS) and an RDF service for machine readability.

The (meta) data is organised following Linked Open Data (LOD) requirements with URIs as stable and unique identifiers. The stable identifiers at unit level are published in the ABCD schema element "Unit GUID".

The system is compliant to GBIF (see GBIF data publisher SNSB), GFBio (see GFBio data center SNSB and Search results for SNSB) and CETAF (see CETAF stable identifiers). The id-service for the stable identifiers ( redirects to html and rdf+xml according to the HTTP ACCEPT headers in the request.